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Nathan Dias

Web and Software Developer

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I'm a 7+ years web and software developer proficient in PHP, Perl, Python, Django and MySQL with experience in CMS creation and management, payment gateway integration, email marketing automation, and business reporting.

For over 10 years, I've used this know-how to benefit my own small business in dance instruction and event production, while also developing hands-on expertise in graphic design, copy-writing, managing a team, and strategic planning.

These days, I'm using my programming savvy and bottom-line business focus to help new clients and organizations achieve their technology goals.

Latest Projects

Be Merry Website Redesign

Be Merry Website Redesign

Merry Yen had a rudimentary Wix based website that she wanted to spruce up as she launched her new small business as a personal family concierge. After discussing the pros and cons of continuing on Wix vs. shifting to Wordpress or a custom coded site, we decided that the Wix site would best allow Merry to make her own updates to the site. I chose an attractive site theme from Wix's library and customized the design to Merry's liking.

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Cat's Corner Online - Student Signup and Payments using Woocommerce

Cat's Corner Online - Student Signup and Payments using Woocommerce

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my Cat's Corner dance school had to quickly switch from in-person dance classes and parties to a virtual live streaming format. The school had been using our custom PHP-based student registration and payment solution, but rapidly changing payment scenarios and needs necessitated a system overhaul. Instead of writing a solution from scratch, I leveraged Wordpress + Woocommerce to build a new payment experience that has been in successful operation since July 2020.

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Health for Body and Mind - Landing Page Design for Health Consulting Business

Health for Body and Mind - Landing Page Design for Health Consulting Business

Catrine Ljunggren and Lena Olofsson are health consultants based in Sweden. I designed a visually pleasing static website that they could update easily themselves on their chosen shared web host. We met virtually over Zoom, and I coached them on site update procedures and gave them a tutorial on using MailChimp to send a weekly newsletter to their growing customer base. All while putting my basic Swedish language skills to the test!

See the website - Web and Software Developer Portfolio - Web and Software Developer Portfolio

Here's a straightforward, one-page website to act as a resume and portfolio for me as a web and software developer. I customized a beautiful (free) Bootstrap 4 page design by Xioaying Riley at into a Python/Django powered page template.

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Work Experience

Web and Software Developer - Freelance (2005 - Present)

  • Built a class signup and payment system active on 2 websites and handling 75%+ of sales
  • Developed, hosted and maintained 5+ websites including installing custom contact forms
  • Designed graphics and wrote marketing copy for one weekly and one monthly email newsletter

PHP Web Developer- Extension Media, Inc. (Nov 2007 - May 2009)

  • Upgraded site templates to client visual specification for 2 online publications
  • Debugged and fixed broken product database search feature

Associate Engineer, CAD - Broadcom Corporation (2001 - 2005)

  • Produced tri-weekly microprocessor timing analysis report
  • Developed in-house automation and analysis tools to support circuit design team

Non-Technical Work Experience

Owner - Cat's Corner / Swing or Nothing (2005 - March 2020)

  • Ran all aspects of a swing dance instruction, events and entertainment business
  • Taught group dance classes 5+ hours per week at two locations as well as private lessons
  • Produced weekly live music dance parties including booking bands
  • Managed an event production team of 4 paid and 6 volunteer staff
  • Recruited and trained performers for special events

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